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Drop Shipping from China Made Easy.

Our Mission Is To Help Small Business & Individuals Sourcing products from China and make DropShipping China Easy.We will help you not only dropshipping, but help you building your branded DropShipping business by offering creative drop shipping services.

Tell us what products you need, and you will receive a Free quote within 2 days.

How Vantop Dropshipping Helps you dropship from China?

VantopDropShipping is a Sourcing Agent Based Fulfillment Center, you don’t need to have any product sourcing experience, Our On-Demand DropShipping Services will Support you all the way from Product Sourcing to Order Fulfillment.

  • Product Sourcing

    Our sourcing agent service will help you source every Vantop category from direct factory and get you a reply within 2 working days. You can keeping focusing on marketing your store, we take care of the rest.

  • Bulk Inventory Storage

    Our drop shipping service allows you to start your dropshipping business with our Free Inventory storage service, and you can buy inventory a better price, and all products can be held in our warehouse.

  • Branding Package

    We offer a full solution for customized branding package for your Branded DropShipping Business, We offer hangtags, insert card, branding package like packing bag or box with your logo according to your branding strategy.

  • Private label & White Label

    If you have your own brand, we offer you private labeling dropshipping, white label dropshipping, dropshiping your own brands became possible. We private label your products, you sell all your products under your own brands.

  • Photography & Video

    We offer photography and video service for you.You don't even need to send samples and get stunning product pictures, which will help you move faster and quicker in the e com world.

  • Worldwide fulfillment

    We remove price tags, merge multi-orders into one, no invoices in package, and we ship products directly from China by more than 18 different shipping options to your customers' address by E-packet, China Post, EMS, DHL, FedEX, 4PX and Yun Express, etc from our warehouse in Shenzhen, Shenzhen and USA.

How we are the best dropshipping Supplier in China?

There are tens thousands of China DropShipping Supplier and AliExpress DropShipping sellers in the world, but why Vantop DropShipping is absolutely the leading one for your business.

  • Free Sourcing Service

    According to your sourcing requests, your personal sourcing agent from Vantop DropShipping will find manufacturers in China, help you buy from 1688 & Taobao.com as well as Chinese local market to get the best price products while maintain same quality.

  • 1 vs 1 Support Team

    You will have a experienced sourcing agent with 1 vs 1 support service in our company to help you find manufacturers, sample mockup, find good quality products, follow up the production, support you the with the order process, private label & order fulfillment and more.

  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Check & Quality Inspection are one of the most important process, All products from factory will be re-checked and inspected to make sure they are good quality, and we remove all the tags from factory, repack goods with nice package, all quality issue will be fixed in China before product shipping out.

  • Small Business Friendly

    Most of Dropshipping companies in China usually serve experienced Shopify DropShipper sellers, we are dedicated to help small & medium size business. If you have a winner product in your Vantop store with a daily order of 30+, we can support your drop shipping business to the next level.

  • Shopify Fully Integration

    CSV file or Excel file order supported for the order fulfillment, and fully integration with Shopify for super fast, fully Automation, our app currently support eBay, Woo commerce, ShipStation integration & accept PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card, Wire transfer payment,

  • Dropship Batteries Wholesale Supplier

    We have many different but flexible shipping options to meet your products attribute, we dropship batteries products, Electronic Products, Liquid Contain products like Cosmetic, Powder, Cream products dropshipping, and Magnetic products, Knives, etc.

Flexible Plans to avoid out of Inventroy.

Out of Inventory, Long Process Time, Long Delivery Time, Multiple orders from Multiple Suppliers and Lack of Brand Identity are some of the main drop shipping issues’ that affect your customer’s shopping experiences when you are dropshipping from AliExpress. We are aiming to make it different by creative plans for Individual dropshipper, Startup, Small & Medium Size dropshipping business. We prepared 4 different plans to fit your customized needs for to pick for your dropshipping business.

  • Beginner

    This plan is for beginners to break with an EDO (Estimated Daily Order)from 10-29 order/day. If you are just started, your EDO is less than 10 orders each day, it is better for you to DropShip from AliExpress, because we have no advantages for order less than 10/day.

  • Startup

    When we have your orders, we buy from factory, repack, remove tags and send your dropshipping orders to your customers.This “DropShip Model” is for startup with an EDO(Estimated Daily Order) from 30-50 orders.

  • Go Big

    30% Deposit to enjoy large quantity inventory and Ready to Ship drop Shipping Plan, Customized packages and more, this is our best selling plan, we will take care of Inventory Management, Order fulfillment and more, to choose this plan, you need to speak to our agent for more details.

  • Grow Brand

    Our Sourcing Agent Service makes branded DropShipping possible, we can customized your products, which will be kept in our warehouse, 99% orders can be processed on same day if order can be placed before 2pm Beijing time, and you can use our USA warehouse in Chino and New Jersey.

AliExpress + Oberlo Alternative for Drop shipping from China

Explore our All in one Solution for Droshipping. The most easy app to connect your Shopify store, print on demand (POD) products available!

Vantopdropshipping is best AliExpress agent and dropshipping China agent in Shenzhen, we offer 1 stop AliExpress dropshipping App to connect your Shopify dropshipping store and we’re the Primary Dropshipping supplier, We drop ship via epacket from China to USA, in the last few years, we supplied more than 1000 Shopify dropshipping Vantop stores.

Best Dropshipping Solution
Boost Your Business

Multiple suppliers with multiple goods orders are one of the biggest drop shipping issue that affect your customers’ shopping experience. VantopDropShipping.com is a professional Aliexpress agent, our dropshipping China service offer you end-to-end Sourcing agent & drop shipping agent service from product sourcing, purchasing, warehousing, private label drop shipping, branding your products with insert card and branded package, merge multiple orders to one order, worldwide fulfillment Center for your dropshipping business.


What is drop shipping ?

Dropshipping is a method in which you as the seller do not need to keep products in your inventory, instead you work with vantop global,We source products from China, take care of quality control, branding package and we send the products directly to your buyers.

For Example:

  • You sell school bags on eBay or shopify dropshipping for $60
  • A customer from United States (Tom) buys a School Bag from your dropshipping store.
  • You contact vantop global and provide us the shipping details of Tom.
  • You pay vantop global $15 for the product & Shipping, and we ship the school bag to Tom.
  • Your gross margin is $60–15=$45
  • Dropshipping with us is a risk-free and easiest way to start your business.

What is dropshipping Agent?

A dropshipping agent or dropshipping supplier is someone like vantopglobal.com who helps you take care of Product sourcing, price negotiation, quality inspection, branded packaging, private label & white label service, free warehousing and order fulfillment with fully integrated API or ERP to your Shopify store to fulfill your orders automatically to your worldwide customers, No CSV required)

What is POD(Print on Demand)?

POD is the short for Print on Demand. Print on Demand fulfillment is when your product is printed when orders are placed. Items are then shipped to your buyers, you pay us as the POD supplier and take your profit. We are in China to offer a full range of POD services for all Shopify POD dropshipping business owners.

Do you offer POD (Print on Demand) Dropshipping service?

Yes, we are currently developing our POD (Print on Demand DrropShipping)application to make POD easier for you.

How to Start my Dropshipping business with us?

vantopglobal.com is a sourcing agent and dropshipping fulfillment company in China. We can help you source products from China at the best possible price while maintaining the best possible quality. To start a business with dropshipping, you can simply submit your sourcing request here. You can send us the Aliexpress link, Amazon Link, 1688 product link or any product URL, product pictures with your target price and your shipping destination. We will buy it from 1688.com for you.

How long does it take to process my order?

Since there is time differences from New York to Beijing, It usually take about 24-48 hours for us to process the order.

Can you insert card, customized package for me?

Yes,we can put your thank you card or branding card into the parcle, and we also work with packing bag factories to help you customized your branding bag.

How long does it take to ship from China to USA by epacket?

It usually take about 7-15 days from China to USA by Epacket.

Will you put invoice or receipts along with the Parcel?

No,We don’t.

Can you take Photography and Videos for me?

Yes, we can. We offer value for money services for dropshipping photography and product videos. You can contact our sales for pricing.

Can you buy from 1688.com or buy from Taobao if I have a product link?

Yes, we can. We can help you to buy from 1688.com and Taobao, and we will collect all the goods together and ship them to you.

Do you offer Amazon FBA service?

Yes,we would recomment our partner in Amazon FBA-the best sourcing agent in China vantopglobal.com to help you handle everything related to Amazon FBA products and Inquries.

What does vantop global stands for?

Well,this is a very good question, vantop global is because most of Shopify sellers focus on a generic or specific vantop global, this is how we understand our customers, and we are aiming to help our customer to be their vantop global unicom, we are the AliExpress dropshipping Alternative, We offer full drop shipping services and we are aiming to make dropshipping simple and easier for all dropshippers.


We offer our customer the best price and dropshipping service to help you start your Drop Shipping business